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2020-24: Upper-intermediate Dutch – Spring 2020 evening course

Conditie: B1-niveau (verplichte check hier) Duur: 10 weken, 20 uur + toets Les: één keer per week, op donderdag van 7 tot 9 uur ’s avonds Data: op 30 april, op , 14, 21 en 28 mei, op 4, 11, 18 en 25 juni 2020 Inhoud: Waterval 4, lessen 23-28 Prijs: 200€ Boek (Waterval 4): 30€ Online toegang: 10€

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A  course for those who have reached  B1 level. To express yourself freely in Dutch, we’re going to practice mostly: speak, write, listen.  At B2 level, you’re not only able to talk without much difficulty about practical situations and plans, but also to express opinions and theories – all this without too many mistakes. This course will help you close the gap between B1 and B2. The subjects this course covers can also be of a more theoretical nature: culture, health care, psychology, legal matters. Grammar is about treating separable verbs (“Ik reken(de) alles af”), the durative/continuous (“Ik ben aan het eten” = “Ik zit te eten.”), the conditional (“Ik zou het doen.” = “Ik deed het.”). At this level, class is first and foremost about speaking – and speaking about the things you have written for class. Urgent personal and/or political matters are treated too. Thus, you’ll reach the B2 level, enough for the Dutch State Exam level II. Some specific preparation is necessary to pass the exam, which gives you direct access to more theoretical (white collar) jobs and higher education in Dutch. So if you want to do some academic studies in Dutch, you need this course. Klik hier voor de B1-test (entreetoets, noodzakelijk voor toegang tot de cursus)

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After completing this course, you can do an advanced course: * The evening group course starting  in April. * The B2+ summer course

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