Private courses

* Difficult work or study schedule?
* A little shy to speak in public?
* Need or want some extra attention?
* Everything curtailed to your personal needs?

Private courses, of course, are the answer. If you’re willing to pay more: they really pay off. Ten or fifteen hours may already get you up the ladder one level: from scratch to A1, from A1 to A2, etcetera.
They are costly, yes, but they’re a good investment.

As always, (inter)action is the key to our education.
Expect lots of talking and feedback, much of it based on questions and answers.
The difference is: it’s your turn all the time. So private courses are much more intense, and everything and every subject is tailor-made.
You’ll have your own word lists, your own feedback on your online account on
And tailor-made advice about what to study – in the book, online on – and what else to do.

Maybe, at a later stage a group course is better: to talk with other people at the same level, to boost your self-confidence, to bring your knowledge into practice.

The time frame for private courses is generally 12pm-6pm.
When there are no group courses, 10am-12 is a possibility too.
Saturday courses (11am-4pm) may cost a little more.

Fees: 40€ per hour (60 minutes); students and job-searchers 35€ per hour.