Training vocabulary

We use as our training vocabulary site at Waterval! The Waterval! account contains all the word lists of the book lessons.  Quizlet is in English, but you may change the language to Dutch. It has all the looks and the games to help you memorize words. Signing up and logging in is easy, and in the Search Quizlet frame you type in “Waterval” to find the lists connected to the Waterval book lessons. Type in Waterval and your course number, and you’ll find the feedback of your group lessons. Of course, the name of your personal or tailor-made course give you access to the feedback of those lessons.


If you’re not so fast at memorizing words, you might try Memorize ( or Duolingo (, where you get more repetition and less words while practicing. Each time or each day you practice, limit yourself to seven new words; by using them in all different ways, they have a greater chance to stick.

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But there’s only few people who succeed in learning Dutch with these apps as their only support. If you use your seven words while speaking with fellow humans in a course, in a language exchange tandem or in the real world, you have the best of both worlds! Praat het of laat het – use it or lose it.

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