Welcome to “Waterval! Learn Dutch in Maastricht“, the language school for Dutch – experience, enthusiasm, and empathy guaranteed. It doesn’t matter where you are: you can come to the classroom, or communicate online. Then why not try Dutch classes here:

experienced (30 years!) yet patient Dutch teacher with thorough books and all kinds of online material (here and here and here) promises interactive and empowering Dutch classes, that energize you wherever you are!

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Week van 22 januari 2024/
Week of January 22, 2024
intermediate Dutch, A2-B1, Tuesday 7-9pm, starting 23 January 2024
2024-01: beginners Dutch, 0-A1, Wednesday 7pm-9, starting on 24 January 2024 2024-02: upper-elementary Dutch, A1-A2, Thursday 6.30-8.30pm, starting on 25 January 2024

Dutch course Waterval Waterval! is also a kind of a language lab. How can you improve teaching Dutch? With lotw of trial and error, I developed six books, full of clear explanation of grammar, lots of vocabulary exercises (also online), and plenty of incentives to make you speak and drill speech bits.  Waterval I-VI cover the whole trajectory from level 0 (scratch) to C levels:

Waterval 4

At the moment, I’m  improving the  online teaching. I’m recording classes and explanations,  and putting them online too. Missing lessons or reviewing explanations will not be much of a problem any longer. Also, I made some new interactive pronunciation exercises online, that make you compare your speaking with native speakers.

Cool, well-structured classes, enthusiastic and empathic teacher, books that are fun to work with, and lots of clear and effective online support (grammar, vocabulary, audio with feedback). We’re into Dutch for you and for the ♥ of languages, not for the money! Do send me an e-mail or call (06-23045039) in case you have questions or want to discuss things.

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Some USP’s 😉
  • Positive, genuinely interested teacher
  • Learning by doing: learn to speak by speaking
  • Well-structured courses, step by step
  • Lots of effective exercises and audio material online
  • Plenty of help with cultural and bureaucratic pitfalls
  • Affordable prices (220€/22 hours) for quality teaching – no humbug, barely social media and other bla bla

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We can help you integrate as smoothly as possible!
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* Learning Dutch – the idea

* We focus on speaking, as both the means and the end of our initial teaching. It’s only by speaking that you can learn to speak, and gain the confidence you are able to communicate in another language. Only by listening you’ll listen, by writing practical assignments you’ll write. * Pleasure is an effect of good education, but it’s a condition too. People prefer to memorize nice things; you learn better when you feel good! * Vocabulary and grammar, the bricks and mortar of language, get presented in a playful way – they can be fun too. Clear rules, explanations and (online) drills give you something to hold on to. Online pronunciation tools, with comparison possibility, give you the chance to polish your pronunciation.

normal sentence
normal sentence

All means – books, newspapers, songs, films – are used to catch your attention. We bring Dutch language and culture alive using papers, tv programs, videos, stories, plays and games. Learn faster by making your personal “method mix”, and find your way along!

* Learning Dutch – a teaching cycle

This is how we work in our courses:

welcome chat homework evaluation → recap → vocabulary of new theme  → book dialogue→  grammar rule explanation practice/exercise speech bits → role plays conversation/interaction feedback from class and teacher (stored online)→  reading (mostly about Dutch culture) listening (mostly online)speaking (in class)writing (correcting and preparing homework assignments)→vocabulary & games→ new homework→ (explanation of) e-learning tools→ next session:

* Blended learning

* Everything mentioned above comes together in Waterval! (“waterfall”*): books and a web site containing audio and exercises with meaningful feedback. Have a look at the general training website – or at Quizlet, the special vocabulary site.

Vocabulary training site
Vocabulary training site

* The Dutch say: “Hij/Zij is een spraakwaterval“, he or she is a waterfall of speech. That’s what we aim at: to make a fluent speaker of you. You’ll experience a “waterfall of Dutch” at Waterval, a shower of Dutch. Together, we’ll find the mix that suits you best!